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Développer le vocabulaire

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A card game to learn basic English vocabulary and to practise memorization skills.The box contains:120 playing cardsa teachers booklet
Players match cards from pack 1, with the names of jobs, to those in pack 2, with the illustration, or to those in pack 3, with the job des...
100 basic English words for easy learning fun. A Teacher’s Guide with original activities for learning vocabulary and structures. The box c...
A board game to learn how to use pronouns and interrogative adverbs and to stimulate conversation in English. The box contains:a playing bo...
A card game to learn and reinforce the interrogative for of tenses and introduce basic vocabulary. The box contains:120 playing cards;a tea...
Learn vocabulary and grammar structures related to everyday actions. The game allows players to use regular and irregular verbs in the pres...
A card game to learn regular and irregular verbs. The box contains:100 playing cards;a dice indicated the tense;a dice of personal pronouns...
A bingo-type game to learn numbers in English from 1 to 100. The box contains:100 playing cards;32 bingo cards;a teacher’s booklet.
Each domino has on one half, a picture of a clock showing the time, and on the other half, a time in written form. Players have to match th...
One player draws and reads out the cards with pictures or verbs in the written form and the other players cover the corresponding box on th...
Players take turns to pick a card and formulate questions about the physical appearance of a mystery person. The questions require a Yes or...
A game that is a ‘trip’ to Britain and Ireland using questions on History, Geography, culture studies, grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic ex...
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