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Have you ever been to Iceland? Hello! My name’s Garpur, and this is a story about me and my country, Iceland. I suppose you’ve heard someth...
«We don’t stop at any towns for days and days. We just keep going down the river.» This is the story of Huckleberry Finn and his adventures on the Mississippi river. Huck’s father kidnaps him from his new life with a kind old lady called Widow Douglas, and hides him in a hut. Huck escapes and goes down the river. He meets Jim, a black slave, and they travel down the river together. We read about their adventures and troubles, and how they meet Tom Sawyer again.
The story, set in a poor rural area of England in the 19th century, centres around Tess Durbeyfield, a sweet, innocent, country girl who is...
The book is set in the 1920’s in India and is a story of Dr. Aziz, an Indian doctor, his friend Mr. Fielding, a British professor and two B...
Read about the Gingerbread Man as he runs away from an old woman, an old man, a cow and a horse. No one can catch him! But then he meets a ...
Join Irene and Camilla in the beautiful Italian city of Florence. There’s lots to see! Read also about how the girls spend their days and a...
Doruk, a ten-year-old Turkish boy, loves cats and wants to have a nice cat. He listens to Aunt Banu’s advice and starts looking for a cat i...
Have you ever been to Japan? Read the story of Naoko, a Japanese girl and discover all kinds of interesting things about this beautiful cou...
Vancouver is Canada’s gateway to the Pacific Rim. Allan introduces us to the city, his family, and friends. His days are filled with sports...
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