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Words in Pictures

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  • Niveau secondaire 2

Words in Pictures is a set of 240 illustrated cards and include an instruction booklet with numerous suggestions and interesting teaching tips. They provide a visual support to introduce new vocabulary and provide the stimulus for a variety of memory activities. The number of cards, their format (12x15) and the quality of the flashcards make this product a source of endless fun activities and games to facilitate the learning of basic vocabulary. Each card features a picture on one side and the corresponding written word on the other side. They are divided into lexical topics of high frequency and daily use: animals, the body, clothes, food and drink, health, at home, the city, school, sport and free time, time, toys and games, means of transport, the weather, jobs, the environment, actions and prepositions. Available in two formats: Printed flashcards with digital access code and a Digital version as a separate item. They can also easily be both used during online courses and lessons.

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